Cryptodouble - the altcoin doubler Ponzi

Let me be clear, Cryptodouble is without doubts a Ponzi Scheme. So please never forget this is NOT a legit site.

It's a new kind of Ponzi and this site is not here to stay for long time, never forget this.

Without any registration, you can simply deposit any of 200+ different types of cryptocurrency. They offer to return you 100% profit after 100 hours. So, for example, if you deposit 1000 Dogecoin, after 100 hours they will automatically transfer you 2000 Doge. Many users confirmed it happened so far! It's such high (and unreal) profit, but on the other side you already know one day they will disappear with all your deposit. Double your coins, or loose all: this is the only rule!

So, my tip: TAKE IT AS A GAME and play only with money you know you can loose!
  • Do you have altcoins that are stored on Exchanges that you are waiting longtime for their price to return high, while they just keep falling? Try doubling them with Cryptodouble
  • Do you have cryptocurrency that you want to move from one exchanger to another? Use Cryptodouble as a withdraw bridge and hopefully you will get double amount.

    It could honestly go offline any day now, it's a gambling game!

    Update Jan 13th: as expected the website is now offline. It was a scam. Update Mar 4th: another similar website with same concept is now up and running since a few weeks Coindouble.