Updated List of Ethereum Faucets

Updated List of Free Ethereum Faucets

If you are new to Ethereum, you can use these faucet to get some Ether to play around with - for free!
Ethereum is a new platform, for programmable money, based on the some of the same principles as other crypto currencies, such as Bitcoin. With Ethereum users can create contracts, that executes the terms of the contract automatically, without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Learn more about Ethereum on the Ethereum webpage, the Wikipedia article, or from the Ethereum Forum.

You must have a Ethereum address to use the faucets. You can download a wallet from the Ethereum Official Site, or using an Exchange wallet address.

Confirmed Paying Ethereum Faucets. List updated on Jul 14, 2018

  • Ethinvites: claim free Ethereum just for referring your friends and entering ETH wallet address.
  • Crypto-games.net: claim free Ethereum and play Lotto, Dice, Blackjack to earn more. You can request coins when your coin balance is empty, and once every 3 minutes from single IP address.
  • YOLOdice: claim free Ethereum and play Dice to earn more. New players can claim faucet 10 times in 24h period.

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