List of Free Dogecoin Faucets

List of Free Dogecoin Faucets

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency.
Water bowls (aka "faucet") are services that allows each visitor to receive free DOGE by simply inputing their wallet address or processing easy tasks.
You must have a Dogecoin Wallet to use the DOGE faucets. You can download a wallet from the Dogecoin Official Site, or using an Exchange wallet address.

Confirmed paying Dogecoin Faucets. List updated on May 29, 2018

Collect Dogecoin every 5 minutes

Claim a payout every hour on the following DOGE faucets

  • Free Dogecoin; active and regularly paying since long time. HOT!

Claim a payout every 3 hours on the following DOGE faucets

Collect Dogecoin while playing

  • Crypto-games.net: claim free Dogecoin and play Lotto, Dice, Blackjack to earn more. You can request coins when your coin balance is empty, and once every 3 minutes from single IP address.

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  1. $$$$$$$ BITCOIN FAUCET ROTATOR $$$$$$$
    * COLLECT 10000 Satoshi in just 5 MINUTES.
    * MAXIMIZE your Satoshis from Claim ratio.
    * HIGHEST PAYING FAUCETS, start at 5,000 satoshi per claim.
    $$$$$$$ http://iacbit.org/faucet-rotator/ £££££££

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  4. On Free Bitcoin you can claim faucet bitcoins. 8 to 22 satoshis per 5 minutes.

  5. Earn free bitcoins by using the BitFun Faucet to get 100% free bitcoins. Claim every 5 minutes.
    Play the DICE game for your shot to 2X your bitcoins.

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  8. Claim FREE Doge Coins every hour from the Moon Dogecoin Faucet.


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